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1.      Wildman, J. M.; Freedman, M. L.; Rosman, J.; and Goldstein, B., Benzene and Lead Inhibition of Rabbit Reticulocyte Heme and Protein Synthesis:  Evidence for Additive Toxicity of These Two Components of Commercial Gasoline, Res Commune Chem Pathol & Pathol & Pharmacol  13:473, 1976.

2.      Freedman, M. L.; Wildman, J. M.; Rosman, J.; Eisen, J.; and Greenblatt, D. R.  Benzene Inhibition of In-vitro Rabbit Reticulocyte Haem Synthesis at Deltaaminolaevulinic Acid Synthestase: Reversal of Benzene Toxicity by Pyridoxine.  Br J Haematol 35: 49, 1977.

3.      Wildman, J. M.; Rosman, J.; and Freedman, M. L.  A Model of Benzene Inhibition of Erythropoiesis.  Clin. Res. 24:323 A, 1976

4.      Freedman, M. L.; Wildman, J. M.; and Rosman, J.  The Role of Cyclic AMP in Regulating Hemin-Controlled Repressor Activity in Intact Rabbit Reticulocytes.  Clin. Res. 24:308 A, 1976.

5.      Freedman, M. L.; Spieler, P.; Wildman, J. M.; and Rosman, J.  Cyclic Amp Maintenance of Rabbit Reticulocyte Heme and Protein Synthesis in the Presence of a, a-dipyridyl, Ethanol and Benzene.  Br J Haematol 37:179, 1977.

6.      Wildman, J.; Winn, R.; Dosik, M.; Lewin, D.; Adler, S.; Pascal, M.; and Yagoda, A.  A Prospective Randomized Study of Methyl CCNU, Vincristine, 5-FU and Streptozotocin Versus 5-FU Alone as Adjuvant Therapy of Colon Cancer.  Proc. ASCO 3:145, 1984.

7.      Gillin, J. S; Wildman, J. M.; Miller, D. P.; and Wax, M. B.  Ileitis with Small Bowel Pseudoobstruction Complicating Surgical Adjuvant Therapy of Colon Carcinoma with 5-FU and High Dose Leucovorin.  Proc. ASCO 9:122,1990.


8.      Whitman,H.H,3rd; Fishman, E.K.; Oberg, K.; Wildman, J.M.; Long, A.L.  Catecholamine-

      secreting metastatic carcinoid as differential diagnosis in pheochromocytoma.  Ann NY Acad

      Sci 1073: 59-78, 2006.










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